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Hydroponics Nutrients

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Udaipur, we offer hydroponic nutrient solution.
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

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Minimum Order Quantity10 Litre
CropAll types
NutritionNo other nutrition require
NPKOrganic NPK with micronutrient for hydrophonic
FarmingtypesOrganic and all
Country of OriginMade in India

• It is a unique Homogeneous formulation of plants and fungal byproduct which have many trace elements with high bio efficacy.• It havetrans- zeatin with essential elements (N, P, K, ca,Mg, Cu, Fe, etc) vitamins, polyphenols alkaloids tannins and saponins.• Amino acids (Arg, His, Lys, Trp, Phe, Thr, Leu, Met, Ile, Val,glutamine)• Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, sulphur, zinc, selenium,boron, manganese, cobalt, boron, molybdenum.• Vitamins -B, B1, B2, B3, B9, C, E• Phytochemicals- tanins, sterols, saponins, trepenoids, phenols,& alkaloids• Flavonoids- quercitin, isoquercitin, kaemfericitin, isothiocyanates and glycoside• Natural Humic, Fulvic, Oxalic acid, Succinnic acid, Organic Carbon molecules,Macro and Micro nutrients, Vitamins and Probiotics by microorganisms.ADVANTAGES:A single Product which promote Growth, increase Flowering, Increase fruit size and can be given on any crop including pulse, vegetable, horticulture etcIt Contains Zeatin- Cytokinin. This is trans Zeatin which is highly active Cytokinin which increase cell life of plants and boost growth. It is responsible for branching.It contains Nitrogen in Amine form which plant uptake rapidly through leaves and roots which increase greenery and Reduce yellownessIt contains folate and Vitamin C: which act as stimulant.It also contains Calcium and Iron which are very beneficial for plant.It increases soil cation exchange capacity & improve EC of soils for high mineral uptake.It Increases micro flora of soils due to organic carbon and acids which is essential formicrobes as food.Increases soil water and nutrients holding capacitythereby increases soil fertility.Work as a chelating agent to unlock nutrientsContain organic acids which bind with minerals speed up growth and flowering and fruitingMake plants stronger by activating Stimulate growth and reduce flower dropping.It increase flavor of fruits and photosynthesis rate due to organic carbondefense mechanism in plants by hardening cell wallIt increases resistance against drought and flood condition.Increase branching, fruit size, taste, natural flavour, bio mass and shelf life.It provide all essential macro and micronutrients along with vitamins hence it is complete plant food.Farmers are successfully using it in Hydrophonic without issue of EC and pHThis product is a boon for Farmers who are looking for replacement of chemical fertilizers without drop in production.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: 1000 liter per day

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