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Organic Fertilizers

We are leading manufacturer of Organic Fertilizer. Our Offered Products are Potassium Humate, V Saint Super Plant Growth Promoter and Soil Wetting Agent.
  • Panchagavya Organic Fertilizers
  • Panchagavya Organic Fertilizers
  • Panchagavya Organic Fertilizers
  • Panchagavya Organic Fertilizers
Panchagavya Organic Fertilizers

Panchagavya Organic Fertilizers

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Minimum Order Quantity100 Litre
Technical NamePanchgavya Fertilizer
Packaging SizeBulk
Target CropsVegetables
Grade StandardBio-Tech Grade
Usage/ApplicationComplete Plant Nutrition to increase Size of fruit
Product TypePanchgavya Fertilizer
Chemical GroupPanchgavya Fertilizer
PurposeFruit Size, Immunity, Soil fertility
CropVegetable, Horticulture, Wheat, Pulse, Tea, Rice etc
Application MethodFoliar 150-250 ml/acre, Soil 500 ml/acre
DoseFoliar 150-250 ml/acre, Soil 500 ml/acre
Coverage AreaAcre
Waiting Period3 days
Shelf Life3 years
Dilution in Water1-2 ml/ltr

Panchgavya Organic Liquid Fertilizer
We are Manufacturer and Bulk supplier of unique Organic food for Plant.
It is a highly concentrated organic fertilizer which fulfill need of Carbon in plant. This product is used to increase productivity, soil fertility and fruit size.
500 ML of "Gomantak" is equivalent to 100kg of Manure.
Active Ingredients: Organic Carbon, Naturally extracted Humus (Humic and Fulvic), Oxalic acid, Succinnic acid, Macro and Micro nutrients, Vitamins and Probiotics by microorganisms.
Dosage: 1-2 ml/litre
Advantages of "Gomantak":
• It increases soil cation exchange capacity & improve EC of soils for high mineral uptake.
*It Increases micro flora of soils due to organic carbon and acids which is essential for microbes as food.
• Increases soil water and nutrients holding capacity.
• Work as a chelating agent to unlock nutrients.
• Contain organic acids which bind with minerals and provide fast transport system to speed up growth and flowering and fruiting.
• Increase the size taste and flavor of fruits and photosynthesis rate due to organic carbon content..
*Make plants stronger by activating defense mechanism in plants by hardening cell wall.
* Stimulate growth and reduce flower dropping.

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